With a multidisciplinary design background, Mahmoud El Hajjaji adopt the idea that the Design consists of so many things, executed in many different ways, but the function is always the same. Whether it is a building, an urban space, a brochure, a web site or a chair – design helps to improve living conditions and solve visual or physical problems.

 Recently, Moud has finished a master program of Architecture at the University of Calgary. He has a solid foundation in the tools, processes and methodologies involved in the successful architectural projects and he also developed competencies in diverse areas, including site analysis, structure, the building envelope, environmental control system, building health and project management planning. Furthermore, Moud have a strong ability to work with softwares, especially Revit, Autocad, Sketchup and 3Ds max.

In 2011, Moud has graduated from the University of Québec in Montréal with Bachelor degree of Environmental Design that has the focus on architectural , interior , industrial and graphic design that promotes autonomy, open-mindedness, and critical awareness.

His philosophy is a set of principles that guides us through every step of the product development process, however the most important components of his design philosophy is simplicity and clarity. As a designer, Moud believes that ongoing communication with clients is critical to the success of the project during each phase. Understanding client needs and obtaining feedback is part of the process.